Our Story

How it all started...

Our story began in 2016 with two men of God meeting on social media, both of whom were ministering to everyone they could, and ended up tag team preaching together.  As time continued,  Apostle TJ Granet and the Prophet Michael Throndset, became close friends. Then in Late 2017, God gave a vision to the Prophet, and as he began to share the vision with the Apostle, the vision became bigger than what either could dream or hope for! The vision of bringing the entire 5-fold ministry together under one ministry, to minister together in unity, to help unite and ready the bride of Christ, to be a part of bringing in the greatest harvest of souls! Even though Raven Rock Ministries had been around since 2012,  the mission became clear to both the prophet and the Apostle that this was the path God wanted them to go.  And our Evangelist Felicia Hale came onboard in 2018.  Stay tuned as the Lord brings the team together!!!

Expanding the vision...

Raven Rock has a Vision that starts with a series of meetings to bring revival to this nation. We will start in the four corners and end in the center.  We will then pull tight the string that will bring this nation back together under God!

Where we are headed...

Coming Soon!

Our Ministry Leaders

TJ Granet

Founder and Apostle

TJ has been called to the office of an Apostle and is the founder of Raven Rock Ministries. God uses him to speak to leadership and help establish churches
You can find messages and snippets from the Apostle on the Leaders Table

Mike Throndset


Mike has been called to the offce of a prophet and with this anointing he is gifted with visions, discernment, and is used by God to speak on His own behalf.
You can find messages and snippets from the prophet on the Raven Revelations page

Felicia Hale

Evangelist in Training

Felicia is still in training and has not preached a live message yet, however you can listen to her on the podcast! As she grows in the ministry you'll find her content on the Raven Revival page


Updates on our Pastor coming soon!


Updates on our Teacher coming soon!