Raven Revelations

Want to hear some of our Prophet's Sermons?


We will be building a library soon, but for now you can click below to check out some samples of his teachings!

  Prophet Mike Throndset has been teaching for 10 years now...Click below to watch Mike flow in the anointing as he shares on the VITAL  importance of Gods Armor!  What is God‘s Armor? Why do we need it?

What is growing in your garden...?

In the beginning God  demonstrates the importance and the power of the spoken word. He established the garden of Eden  and defined the universal currency of seed time and harvest. In this teaching Prophet  Mike Throndset  will explain to us how to grow our own Eden.

Submission and Authority

Our Heavenly Father has a set purpose & order to everything he does.  Prophet Mike Throndset  expounds on submitting to God's authority and the blessing in it!